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In the News: 10/28/06

LA Times

Bearing witness to a sea change in Unitarian practice – The usually low-profile church now spreads its message with mass mailers, radio spots, newspaper ads.

Marriage ruling resonates – Ruling in New Jersey is causing people across the country to rethink how secure they believe the institution of marriage actually is.

Tag you’re illegal! – Many schools are beginning to ban classic recess games like tag because they are ‘too dangerous.’ Banning ‘contact’ or ‘chase’ games so neither students’ skin nor psyche can be bruised is silly. Stop the coddling!

Tune in, turn on, click YouTube – How the YouTube phenomenon is a triumph of Marxist economics.

German Opera to stage ‘Idomeneo’ – BERLIN — After facing weeks of criticism for bowing to radical Islam, the German Opera company in Berlin announced Friday that it would stage a Mozart production that includes a scene showing the severed head of the prophet Muhammad.


Faith on film – The film [One Night with the King], based on the biblical story of Queen Esther, did not get a lot of TV promotion, and most movie critics were, at best, lukewarm. But that didn’t matter to the film’s supporters because the movie, like others with spiritual themes opening this fall, had endorsements from people they consider more influential — senior pastors and leaders of faith-based organizations who promoted the film from their pulpits and on their Web sites.

Can South break away from the code? – Election results in Tennessee and Virginia will give us a benchmark, to use President Bush’s new favorite word, of how much the South has changed — and also, by the way, likely determine whether the Democratic Party pulls off an upset and captures the Senate.

USA Today

Ex-pastor gets 11 years for sex with teen – A former Baptist pastor who disappeared with a 15-year-old girl for a month and later pleaded guilty to raping her was sentenced Friday to more than 11 years in federal prison.

Washington Post

A Year After Suburban Riots, France Is Mostly Calm – PARIS, Oct. 27 — French officials deployed 4,000 extra police officers in the country’s poorest suburban areas Friday as the anniversary of last year’s wave of arson attacks arrived with only scattered incidents of violence, according to early police and news media reports.

Thought Police in the Lecture Hall – Led by activist David Horowitz, some conservatives are pushing for the adoption of an “Academic Bill of Rights” (ABOR) across America. The Academic Bill of Rights would substitute political correctness for the free exchange of ideas on campus by preventing faculty and students from discussing fresh or controversial ideas in class. It would restrict what professors can teach and what students can learn.

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