In the News / December 11, 2006

In the News: 12/11/06

Inquiry Sought Over Evangelical Video A military watchdog group is asking the Defense Department to investigate whether seven Army and Air Force officers violated regulations by appearing in uniform in a promotional video for an evangelical Christian organization.

What I’ve Learned By Kofi A. Annan. All my life since has been a learning experience. Now I want to pass on five lessons I have learned during 10 years as secretary general of the United Nations that I believe the community of nations needs to learn as it confronts the challenges of the 21st century.

Return Fraud Earns Retailers’ Wrath Are you a serial returner? By that I mean, do you routinely return items, especially holiday gifts? If so, be forewarned. Some retailers have resorted to using a computer database to track customer returns and catch fraudulent or excessive returns.

Christmas, pagans and religious divergence America prides itself in allowing, even demanding, freedom of religion — until that religion doesn’t feel like a religion.

Dolls lose their innocence Dolls lose their innocence Thongs, high heels and caked-on makeup. ‘Penthouse’? No, your child’s dollhouse.

Cleric installs married priests in N.J. An excommunicated Roman Catholic archbishop continued his defiance of the Vatican on Sunday when he ordained two married men as priests.

Seattle’s airport removes Christmas trees to avoid lawsuit from rabbi All nine Christmas trees have been removed from the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport instead of adding a giant Jewish menorah to the holiday display as a rabbi had requested.

Bumpy time for Meals on Wheels Meals on Wheels, which has delivered food to the elderly and disabled since 1954, is experiencing shortages of volunteer drivers.

Mich. man’s Christmas lights spell out ‘Bah-hum-bug’ Jason Lee insists he’s not declaring war on Christmas, despite what the multicolored lights on his front lawn spell out.

Man gets stuck while trying to slide down chimney like Santa Claus A man who was locked out of his house in this Denver suburb tried to get in by sliding down the chimney early Friday, but he got stuck and had to be rescued, authorities said.

Elephants wed at Indian beach resort to amuse tourists Two captive elephants were dressed up as bride and groom for a mock-wedding ceremony to amuse guests at a beach resort in southern India, hotel staff said.

Bob Walters: Gay cause reignites passions California certainly doesn’t suffer from a lack of visceral political issues — illegal immigration, gay marriage, abortion rights, prison overcrowding, gun control and taxes, to name but a few of the more obvious.

Learning to diversify Private schools in the L.A. area, once enclaves of the rich and white, are slowly changing.

Gwen’s latest: Love. Touring.With.Baby Stefani is a working mother. So what? A child this size is portable.

Baker-Hamilton’s fine print: Stay in Iraq The Iraq Study Group didn’t pin Iraq’s hope on Iran and Syria, nor did it call for complete troop withdrawal.

Obama Takes First Steps in N.H. MANCHESTER, N.H., Dec. 10 — The political phenomenon known as Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) descended Sunday on the state with the nation’s first presidential primary, drawing enthusiastic crowds and trailed by a huge media horde as he continued to stoke interest in a possible bid for the White House.

In New Congress, Seniority Takes Back Seat to Spirit They call themselves the “30-Something Working Group,” a loose collection of House Democrats in their 30s and 40s who have begun making waves.

No Rift With Administration, Baker and Hamilton Say Former secretary of state James A. Baker III said for the first time yesterday that the Iraq Study Group remains committed to democracy in Iraq, as he and Co-Chairman Lee H. Hamilton offered conciliatory words to a Bush administration that has reacted coolly to the panel’s key recommendations.

Pelosi’s Promise Will the next speaker live up to her word and clean House?

Mideast may save Dead Sea with Red Sea Officials from Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian Authority met along the shores of the Dead Sea to settle details of a study to save the shrinking body of water, agreeing to proceed with plans to draw water from the Red Sea.

Iran opens conference to discuss evidence of Holocaust Iran on Monday opened a conference that it said would examine whether the Holocaust took place.

Iraqi leader: U.S. report is ‘dangerous’ The Iraqi president said Sunday the bipartisan U.S. report calling for a new approach to the war offered dangerous recommendations.

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