In the News / December 6, 2006

In the News: 12/6/06

Bibles Are Booming These days the Bible comes in hundreds of varieties.

Vatican archaeologists find tomb believed to be that of Apostle Paul Vatican archaeologists have unearthed a sarcophagus believed to contain the remains of the Apostle Paul that had been buried beneath Rome’s second largest basilica. “Our objective was to bring the remains of the tomb back to light for devotional reasons, so that it could be venerated and be visible.”

Lit Matches Prompt Emergency Landing A jetliner from Washington made an emergency landing Monday in Nashville after passengers smelled matches being struck, a Nashville airport spokeswoman said. The matches were lit by a woman who was covering up her flatulence.

Moving forward after ‘Left Behind’ Evangelical Christian authors Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins are publishing superstars famous for the after-the-rapture “Left Behind” thrillers, which have sold more than 62 million copies and inspired three low-budget movies, a video game, a lawsuit and charges of anti-Semitism. Now, the pair have begun a new project: “The Jesus Chronicles,” a series of four novels based on the New Testament. This time, they’re likely to rile biblical purists, even as they aim for “Da Vinci Code” fans hungry for less strident approaches to the mysteries of the Bible.

On Cellphones, Girl Talk Comes With a Bling Tone Diamonds on a cellphone are a girl’s best friend. Hence, “bling kits” of adhesive crystals to adorn phones. And T-Mobile, which swiftly sold out of its $400 Juicy Couture bejeweled pink phones, now has a limited-edition cellphone line designed by Diane von Furstenberg.

FINDINGS A huge study from Denmark offers the latest reassurance that cellphones do not trigger cancer.

New York becomes first city to ban trans fats New York today became the first city in the United States to prohibit trans fats in restaurants.

Parents sue school claiming girl sexually assaulted their kindergartenersTwo parents have filed a lawsuit alleging school officials failed to protect their daughters from sexual assault by another girl.

Teens face up to ethics choices if you can believe them Teens were asked about their actions in the past year: 69% said they had lied, 34% said they downloaded a song they didn’t pay for, and 22% said they cheated on a test.

S.C. mom has son arrested for playing with present before Christmas A fed-up mother had her 12-year-old son arrested for allegedly rummaging through his great-grandmother’s things and playing with his Christmas present early.

MySpace tool to help block sex offenders MySpace, the popular online hangout that has drawn complaints about sexual predators and other dangers to teens, said Tuesday it will develop technologies to help block convicted sex offenders.

No sex please, we’re watching TV A South African couple have been ordered by their village chief to hold off on their love-making sessions until after 10 pm following a string of complaints about their howls of passion.

Australia lifts ban on therapeutic cloning Australia legalized the cloning of human embryos for stem cell research with a vote by the House of Representatives Wednesday that lifted a four-year-old ban on the procedure.

With cellphone video, little brother is always watching Welcome to the era of citizen journalism. Cell phone videos drew national — even international — attention to events that in years past may have remained relatively contained or even hidden.

Iran blocks access to video-sharing on YouTube Iran has blocked access to the popular video-sharing website, and a media rights group warned Tuesday that Internet censorship in the Islamic state is on the rise.

Vice president’s lesbian daughter pregnant Mary Cheney, the openly gay daughter of Vice President Dick Cheney and his wife, Lynne, is pregnant.Iran to host conference on Holocaust evidence Iran, whose president has described the Holocaust as a “myth,” said Tuesday they will hold a conference to discuss the evidence that the Nazis committed genocide against the Jews in World War II.

Andy Dick apologizes for racial slur Andy Dick has apologized for using the same racial slur that got ex-Seinfeld star Michael Richards in trouble last month.

Black, white and Brown Classroom integration may depend on what Justice Kennedy thinks of one of the court’s most historic cases.

A puzzling run for president in Lebanon Christian Michel Aoun is alienating his traditional backers and violating Lebanon’s unwritten rules.

Hillary Clinton’s Early Moves Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) is taking a series of concrete steps toward a likely campaign for president in 2008, settling on key members of her campaign team, recruiting potential new additions to her staff, and calling Democratic activists in states with early primaries and caucuses.

A Study In Comity Whatever the final impact of the Iraq Study Group report being issued today, for the 10 commission members this was an exhilarating experience, a demonstration of genuine bipartisanship that they hope will serve as an example to the broader political world.

A Role for Syria James Baker has never met Alia Al-Naradi, but they both have an interest in seeing the United States engage Syria on Iraq. For Baker, engagement is about stabilizing Iraq to allow the United States to exit gracefully. For Alia, it’s about survival.

The Price of Iran’s Help DUBAI — On the eve of the Baker-Hamilton commission’s report, a top Iranian official set a tough condition for his country’s help in stabilizing Iraq, saying that Tehran isn’t interested in such cooperation unless the Bush administration sets a timetable for withdrawing its troops.

Senators So Very, Very Not Contrary Toward Gates And so it came to pass, in the 12th month of the sixth year of the reign of Bush, that a prophet came forth to deliver us from the war in Babylon.

Iraq Study Group calls for withdrawal of combat troops All United States combat troops not needed to protect Americans should leave Iraq by the first quarter of 2008.

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