In the News / December 8, 2006

In the News: 12/8/06

BlackBerry Orphans The growing use of email gadgets is spawning a generation of resentful children. Katherine Rosman on furtive thumb-typers, the signs of compulsive use and how kids are fighting back.

Are Parents Perpetuating the Chore Wars? Many parents think they’re tuned-in to the gender politics of the Chore Wars, the household battle over who does what. But new research suggests that sons and daughters are still treated differently.

Canadian Prime Minister Loses Bid to Revisit Gay Marriage Law TORONTO, Dec. 7 — Canada’s House of Commons rejected a move Thursday by Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper to reopen debate on a national law permitting same-sex marriages.

Christmas spending will hit almost $800 per person, group says This year, Americans celebrating Christmas will fork over $795.86 each, up 5% from last year.

Woman gives birth on plane heading to Chicago from Mexico; mother and baby doing fine A 42-year-old woman gave birth to a healthy girl late Wednesday aboard a plane destined for O’Hare International Airport.

Plan B pill now readily available A month after distribution began, the over-the-counter version of the morning-after pill is now available at pharmacies nationwide.

Major music labels test unrestricted MP3 files After years of selling online music digitally wrapped with copy and playback restrictions designed to hinder piracy, major music labels are testing an unrestricted version.

Poll: ‘IM-ing’ divides teens, adults There’s an “instant messaging gap” between teens and adults. And the division is wide.

TSA may let non-fliers go to gates The Transportation Security Administration is testing whether it can ease a post-9/11 policy that bars people from meeting relatives at the gate.

‘Merry Christmas’ regains favor as holiday greeting ‘Happy holidays’ draws scorn as political correctness gone too far

‘Restoration’ after the fall Fellow evangelicals seek to help the Rev. Ted Haggard address the behaviors that snared him in a scandal.

Skaters rock a slim style BACK in the proverbial day — 1990 or so — skateboarding and hip-hop became linked in the public imagination because of the cultures’ shared affinities: baggy clothing, backward baseball caps and in-your-face attitude. Nowadays, though, skateboarders are returning to their punk rock roots. Skinny is the new phat .

MySpace to block predators The popular online hangout said Tuesday that it would develop technologies to help block convicted sex offenders, the News Corp.-owned website’s latest attempt to address complaints about sexual predators and other dangers to teens.

Bush Appears Cool to Key Points Of Report on Iraq President Bush vowed yesterday to come up with “a new strategy” in Iraq but expressed little enthusiasm for the central ideas of a bipartisan commission that advised him to ratchet back the U.S. military commitment in Iraq and launch an aggressive new diplomatic effort in the region.

Diversity of Opinion on Imams’ Dispute With Airline MINNEAPOLIS, Dec. 7 — For years, the Minneapolis-St. Paul area has been known for its liberalism and tolerance, especially when it comes to religion.

Richardson Plans January Decision on Bid New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson said yesterday that he will decide next month whether to form an exploratory committee and begin a bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Senators Challenge Feasibility of Iraq Plans Members of Congress yesterday questioned the practicability of recommendations from the Iraq Study Group about how to reverse the chaos in Iraq, but they praised the panel’s stark assessment of conditions there.

Best of 2006: Fiction Here are excerpts from our most favorable book reviews of the past year.

Chairmen Urge Bush to Follow Recommendations The chairmen of the bipartisan Iraq Study Group today urged President Bush to follow their full slate of recommendations, as one key senator criticized the panel’s report as a recipe for defeat.

An Ideal In Need Of Rescue By E. J. Dionne Jr. One of the many disastrous consequences of President Bush’s botched policy in Iraq is that it has given the promotion of democracy a bad name.

It’s a Cheney! By Ruth Marcus My only regret about Mary Cheney’s pregnancy is that it didn’t happen earlier — say, during the 2004 presidential race, when Cheney was working for her father’s campaign and his running mate was busy trying to write discrimination against people like her into the Constitution.

The GOP’s Southern Exposure By Harold Meyerson You’ve seen the numbers and understand that America is growing steadily less white. You try to push your party, the Grand Old Party, ahead of this curve by taking a tolerant stance on immigration and making common cause with some black churches. Then you go and blow it all in a desperate attempt to turn out your base by demonizing immigrants and running racist ads against Harold Ford.

The Persistently Poor NEW YORK, Dec. 7 — Despite an intensified campaign against poverty, World Bank programs have failed to lift incomes in many poor countries over the past decade, leaving tens of millions of people suffering stagnating or declining living standards.

Saudis reportedly funding Iraqi Sunnis Private Saudi citizens are giving millions of dollars to Sunni insurgents in Iraq and much of the money is used to buy weapons.

Clinton, Obama Rivalry Has Senate Abuzz Neither senator has declared a candidacy, but their rivalry is providing colleagues with an amusing sideshow.

Blood Brothers Is there such a thing as Jewish DNA?

Companies slow to adjust to work-life balance concerns of Gen Y Businesses are struggling to keep pace with a new generation of young people entering the workforce, who have starkly different ideas of what work-life balance looks like.

Gen Y makes a mark and their imprint is entrepreneurship Increasing numbers of the millennial generation — those in their mid-20s and younger — are deciding corporate America just doesn’t fit their needs.

U.N. Cites Arab World’s ‘Empty Gestures’ on Women Arab countries have made some advances in their treatment of women in recent years but have failed to significantly improve conditions for them.

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