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You Tube Community Church

UPDATE: Though I knew this, I did not adequately convey to you that this is satirical and not an actual church.

Monday Morning Insight reports on a new church that is integrating technology to be more relevant to their community, YouTube community church:

YouTube Community Church took a leap of faith in May 2006, changed its name, and dropped formal preaching altogether. Attendance has spiked up by 38% since that time, and the trend does not show any sign of slowing. Pastor Hodge attributes the growth to the fact that people think in quick spurts of insight which is suited perfectly to a 90-second video clip with a three-minute setup. “Most sermons are modeled after Paul speaking to the scholars in Athens, but we’re talking about people who see more meaning in a video with a cat chasing a flashlight beam, than they find in a treatise on prevenient grace. Those stuffy theological types might curse the darkness, but I’m turning on a light and the people are starved for the simplicity of the Gospel.”

Those who attend YouTube Community Church are quick to point out that the message is not watered down by videos of babies farting or teenagers lip syncing to their favorite tunes. The pastor still draws a connection between seemingly inane video clips and the message of the living Christ. Pastor Michael Hodge sums up the ministry philosophy concisely. “Some people don’t understand what we’re doing here, and that’s fine. I just tell those people that if they don’t like it, they are more than welcome to attend one of the hundreds of other churches that bore people to death with the Word of God week in and week out.”

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