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Texas A&M Salutes You: E.Y. Mullins

E.Y. MullinsIt’s not everyday that you learn about how the history of your alma mater and your seminary connect. But today is one of those days.

E.Y. Mullins is a noted Southern Baptist theologian. In addition, he served for 28 years as president of the Southern Baptist Seminary beginning around the turn of the 1900’s.

So what’s the connection? After finishing high school in Corsicana, Texas, Mullins attended Texas A&M University. Since Mullins was born in 1860 and A&M didn’t begin until 1876, this suggests that he was one of the earliest graduates from the institution.

After his time at A&M, Mullins later went on to be a student at SBTS. Then, he became president of the seminary and helped to restore its health after the Whitsitt Controversy. Though not everyone agrees with Mullins’ theology, everyone agrees that his influence on Southern Baptist life is undeniable.

Today, we salute a great Aggie and a great Southern Baptist — E.Y. Mullins

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Apr 24, 2007

Further imperical evidence that it is indeed a small world. And to top it off, just last week I learned in Dr. Magnuson’s Church History class why exactly it is that everyone does not agree with Mullins’ theology. Great post Phil…thanks for the connection!

And I want to say that a guy by the name of Robbie Seager said “Hi”, but I may have his name wrong…lol

Apr 24, 2007

Mullins was born in Mississippi, educated in Texas, trained for ministry in Kentucky, studied in Massachusetts, pastored in Maryland, and finally served as the president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary for nearly three decades. The beautiful location on which the seminary now stands is because of President Mullins’ deep love for the area, then known as “the Beeches.” Though he did, indeed, have some theological shortcomings, he was truly a remarkable man.

Gig ’em, E.Y.!

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