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Things I Like About Texas

Cami & I have been in Texas for an extended vacation. It started with a trip to San Antonio for the Southern Baptist Convention. After visiting Luckenbach, it continued with a trip to Abilene to hang out with her family. It will conclude next week with a trip back to Houston to see my family.

We have both enjoyed being back in the motherland. So, in honor of that, here’s a little Texas state nationalism…things I like about Texas:

  1. The Mexican food — 5 out of 6 meals in San Antonio were Mexican food (and I wanted the 6th to be as well, but that was vetoed).
  2. The family — It’s great hanging out with Cami’s family and so fun seeing the new addition to the Bethancourts, John Thomas.
  3. The friends — Catching up with old friends like Chris Rogers and Michael Loudermilk brings a smile to your face.
  4. The roads — Smooth roads with no potholes and freeways with a 70 mph speed limit.
  5. The barbecue — beef, it’s what’s for dinner. None of this pulled pork.

The list could go on and on, but these are some key things that come to mind. Viva La Texas.

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Jun 23, 2007

Hey Phillip,
You and Cami don’t have any free time while y’all are in the Houston area, do you? We’d love to see you again!

Jun 24, 2007

You guys have to hurry home so you can play with us. and by play with us I mean help us move. 🙂 there’s free food involved. and maybe even dr. pepper.

Jul 01, 2007

Phillip some great comments about Texas…but you failed to mention anything about Football. Especially Aggie Football!

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