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Overcoming Global Warming: Not by Gore but by Blood

Al Gore’s Live Earth concert series lurched to a lackluster start last night. Though the promoters claimed a worldwide involvement of over 2 billion people, the thousands of empty seats in the arena and the hundreds of empty performances on the stage lead me to believe that the actual numbers will be nowhere close to that. While Gore is trying to cause the world to consider their perspective of global warming, all the hype should cause us as believers to think through our view of ‘creation care.’

Dr. Russell Moore has put out some great resources to help us do just that…think through climate change from a Christian perspective:

Here is a provocative quote from the blog to whet your appetite:

We ought to support reasonable laws that protect the earth and its resources. We will disagree often on how best to do that. But, in the meantime, we ought not to turn away from what we know to be true in order to support what we think seems to be true. Even if doing so wins us the applause of the rock stars.

Let’s take care of the earth, protect the natural order. But let’s remember that the world is not ultimately rescued by politicians or musicians or filmmakers or scientists. The world is saved by blood, not Gore.

Make sure you don’t miss the picture of Dr. Moore with Al Gore on the commentary.

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Jul 10, 2007


I’ve just been looking over tonight with my parents pictures of us in the 1980s. The sweater was nothing compared to some of this. Robbie Sagers detects, however, the outline of the state of Florida on my sweater. Could it have been a distant omen to the future vp?

Jul 20, 2007

thanks for the tip…my brother had told me to check out that same guy. I plan on making a trip to the library tonight.

Aug 02, 2007

As a good liberal, I feel like I should defend ol’ Al… the final comment totally misses the point of what Gore is trying to do.

It does make you wonder though how much better off we might be if our leaders focused on saving people rather than saving the planet…

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