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Email Use Reaching Biblical Proportions

Cami and I were in church a few weeks ago when we noticed something we had never seen before in a worship service. In the row in front of us, there was a teenage girl sitting there with the bright, crisp light of her bluetooth headpiece glowing from her ear. Yes, the bluetooth has invaded even the most sacred of places. But it is not the only piece of technology that has entered the worship circle.

The Chicago Sun Times reports on the growing trend of people using their wireless devices for email and web browsing during the church service.  According to the article:

A new study of more than 4,000 Americans over 13, including 200 from the Chicago area, found that 12 percent of mobile e-mail users look at their e-mail on their cell phones, personal digital assistants and other wireless devices while in church.

Which city is the worst at wireless worship?  “Bible-belt-based Atlantans led the way in this category: 22 percent of respondents confessed they checked e-mail in church.”

The survey goes on to report that email has infiltrated another ‘holy’ place: the bathroom. “And 12 percent catch up with e-mail in the john.” Chicagoans excel the most at the techno tinkle: “Forty-seven percent of Chicago respondents looked at their e-mail in the bathroom or restroom.”

Have I ever participated in either of these activities? The answer is yes — rarely in one and frequently in the other. I’ll let you guess which is which.

As technology continues to invade our lives, the danger will be to compromise our pursuit of Christ because of the tyranny of the urgent. The way to God is not through the glow of the ‘crackberry’ but through the blood of Christ. No technological advancements will ever change that.

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