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One Man’s Super Bowl Is Another Man’s Side Show

It was just another day in the office for me. But it was a potential game changer for him. That’s the realization I came to as I passed by a noticeably-nervous acquaintance anxiously awaiting a job interview. It reminded me of something I’ve noticed many times before in Scripture and in life:

One man’s Super Bowl is another man’s side show.

God has crafted the rhythms of life in such a way that what may seem insignificant to many is extremely significant to others on a personal (and sometimes cosmic) level. For example:

  • The animals of Eden may have thought it was just another piece of fruit that Adam and Eve ate
  • The passers by in Jerusalem may have thought it was just another insurrection being crucified when Jesus was stapled to a tree
  • The gathering masses may have thought it was just another philosophical pontification when Paul proclaimed the resurrection on Mars Hill

What may seem insignificant to you, or me, or others may be a turning point moment for someone else. There’s great blessing and great burden that comes with that reality. The Super Bowl doesn’t just happen once a year; there are super bowls going on every day for many of us.

One man’s Super Bowl is another man’s side show. And there’s glory in that.

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Mar 02, 2012

Thanks for this eye opening post. This made me realize what we may see as trivial, insignificant, or unimportant in the lives of people that God has placed in our lives is more than likely very important to them. When we look at people God placed in our lives and see weakness in them it is because we failed them by seeing the events in their lives a trivial, insignificant and unimportant to us. Jesus loves us, understands our weaknesses, and forgives our sins – He bears our burdens. Christians are to be Christ like; therefore, we are to love, understand others weaknesses, and bear their burdens with them. Every person is our life is placed there by God. Some are family, casual acquaintances, close friends, and even strangers. All are there by God’s plan and purpose. 1 Thessalonians 5: 11 tells us to encourage one another and edify one another. There is a lot of truth to an old Swedish motto says, “Shared joy is double joy. Shared sorrow is half the sorrow.” The secret to life is not simply enjoying life’s joys and enduring its sorrows, but being involved in both with others God has placed in our lives. Romans 12: 15 tells us we should be rejoicing with those who rejoice and weeping with those who weep.

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