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Why are we taking SBTS students to Washington DC next week?

Next week I will go on the latest installation of our Southern Expeditions travel courses. Next stop? Washington DC. Why are we taking a large group of seminary students and friends to the nation’s Capitol? There are several reasons for going:

  • First, we want to teach our students to care about life. We are going in recognition of the 40th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. We will participate in events surrounding the March for Life.
  • Second, we want to teach our students to care about politics. No, we aren’t seeking to create political pundits. Instead, we want to pull back the veil on what happens in Washington so that they are better able to lead in their ministry context.
  • Third, we want to teach our students to care about culture. With trips to Mount Vernon, the Smithsonian museum, and many monuments throughout DC, we can expose students to historical and cultural artifacts in a way that helps them with cultural engagement in the future.
  • Fourth, we want to teach students to care about the church. While we are in DC, we will visit with pastors and other evangelical leaders who will be a blessing and encouragement to our students as they prepare for ministry.
  • Southern Expeditions exist to expose students, alumni, and friends of Southern Seminary to on-site learning at some of the key locations around the world. The next trip is this May to New England. You should join us!

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    […] I mentioned last week, I’m traveling with a group from Southern Seminary to Washington DC to participate in the […]

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