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How do we train leaders at Southern Seminary?

Leadership development does not occur by accident. No one ever “just so happened” to grow as a leader. That’s why we are very intentional at Southern Seminary in the way we train the next generation of leaders for the evangelical world.

We have multiple leadership development outlets including our ambassadors who support the efforts of our admissions and advancement offices, our interns who support the efforts of various professors or administrators, and our Student Leadership Council who support the efforts of our student life team.

Here’s the who, what, when, where, why, and how of our leadership development strategy at Southern:

  • Who – Southern’s leadership development strategy happens by investing in the top students on campus. By enabling them to cross-pollinate with students, staff and faculty across campus, they gain a better identity as future leaders.
  • What – Southern’s leadership development strategy happens by mobilizing students to work on substantive projects. By enlisting students to work on key initiatives such as the 1937 Project, recruiting efforts, or student enhancement initiatives, they gain great experience that will shape their future effectiveness.
  • When – Southern’s leadership development strategy happens year round. The semesters provide opportunities for weekly growth through meetings and project development. The breaks provide chances to reload and grow.
  • Where – Southern’s leadership development strategy happens in residence. There’s a lot of things you can learn through an online classroom, but you can’t learn how to lead people through pixels alone. So, we maximize the benefit of having one of the most beautiful seminary campuses in the world to train our leaders.
  • Why – Southern’s leadership development strategy happens for a reason: we are serious about training leaders. Our goal is to raise up the next generation of front line gospel warriors who are prepared to equip the church for ongoing spiritual warfare. That happens both in the classroom and outside of it.
  • How – Southern’s leadership development strategy happens through an intentional plan. We evaluate the needs of our students and the keys to growth and customize a strategy for intentional investment.

One of the ways we invest in our student leaders is happening this weekend through our first annual Southern Seminary Student Leadership Conference. We will take some of our student leaders to Nashville for a fun-filled, intentional time of leadership development including:

  • A lunch with Southern Seminary alumni
  • A chance to hear from Lifeway president Thom Rainer
  • A tour of the SBC executive committee building including a word from president Frank Page
  • A visit to the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission to hear from executive vice president Harold Harper
  • A stop by Baptist Press to meet with associate editor Michael Foust
  • A dinner with host families
  • A panel discussion on marriage and ministry at the Southern Seminary extension center
  • A tour of Vanderbilt’s campus to hear from Mark Coppenger on issues related to leadership and religious liberty on the campus
  • And, last but not least, a trip to the Grand Ole Opry for a concert including Steven Curtis Chapman, Keith and Kristyn Getty, Charlie Daniels, and Ricky Skaggs!

We can’t wait for this weekend! Southern Seminary is serious about leadership development and the 1st annual Student Leadership Conference is one way we do it.

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