Culture / January 12, 2015

5 Keys for Public School Families

With young kids who are approaching school age, I recently read Perspectives on Your Child’s Education: 4 Views. This book, featuring several of my friends and colleagues from Southern Seminary, presents a case for why you should consider public schooling, Christian schooling, and homeschooling.

Because we live in one of the top public school districts in Tennessee, public schools are a very attractive option for us. With one son already in our public school’s kindergarten and more in the pipeline, we wrestled with the pros and cons of public schooling.

In his chapter on public schooling, Troy Temple provides a list of five keys for public school families:

  1. Entrust your child’s education to God.
  2. Never forget that every parent is called to homeschool.
  3. Serve your school.
  4. Network with believing teachers, staff, and parents.
  5. Be a Christian witness in your conversation and communication.

In these ways, parents can integrate their public schooling efforts into holistic effort to disciple their kids, serve their community, and reach the lost. In fact, regardless of which schooling decision is right for you, these five principles can apply to any situation.

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